Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays letter D

Hello there.... It's me again with the Greatful Tuesdays todays letter is D! Here is my lists.....

Duncan Regehr - I am greatful because I love his voice and his acting!

Darth Vader - I am greatful because He is the #1 Villian in my book! He is so Dominating and His presense is strong.

Disipline - I am greatful for it keeps me in line.

Dominate Master's - I am greatful because they are the ones that show us love.

Dinner Mints - I am greatful because I love their cool colors and minty tastes.

Dounuts - I am greatful for their sweet flavors.

Dancing - I am greatful because I love to dance.

Dinning - I am greatful because I love to go out to eat.

Well there's my list of D's

In other news: Alex and I are doing well. Our Journey in the D/s lifestyle is going along day by day.

School news: I'm still on break awaiting my grades.

Shout outs: Hello there to all my friends in Blogger world. Hi Anakin and Padme! I love what You did with Your site! http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com/

Star Wars Questions to ponder...

1. Who shot who first Han or Greedo?

2. How many knew Chancelor Palpatine and the Emperor were the same?

3. Did anyone catch the E.T.'s sitting in the Senate?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter C!

Hello there! My list of C's are....

Candy : I am greatful because this is always nummy! Tis all I can say!

Cake : I am greatful because this is another nummy thing for my tummy!

Christensen Hayden : He's a fox! I am greatful to be His fan!

Cool Breeze's : I an greatful because sometimes we need them.

Cats : I am greatful for their cute little expressions, and sweet ways!

Cotton : I am greatful for this because I love the feel of it on my skin.

Cell Phones : I am greatful because I can be reached no matter what!

Well there's my lists....

Here's a quick update on the schooling at the Jedi Academy. I am currently awaiting my finial grades. I know I have passed...

Here's an update on everything else... Alex and I are growing closer to oneanother. I am in love!

Here's my shout-out section... Hello there Anakin and Padme. Thanks for answering my Question on Ask Anakin, Anakin! When I can come up with more, I'll ask.... Padme I hope to chat with you again soon!

Here's some more Star Wars questions to ponder...

1. Why do you feel Jedi's were forbiden to marry?

2. Do you think the law of Non-attachment should've stayed the same after the new Jedi Temple was built under Luke Skywalker?

3. Did Vader re-marry after Padme died?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Greatful Tuesday's

Hello there,
I got this idea from Anakin and Padme's Journey to the Dark side blog. I was susposed to do start this last week. I got busy, so here's my start....

Here's a short update on my Jedi Training at the Academy. I'm on Summer/Fall break. Classes went well. I still dont have my final grades in.

Update for Life outside the Jedi Academy. I have met someone His name is Alex. He is awesome and wonderful. He is the Domanant I have always desired in my life.

A List....

Alex, I am greatful for Alex, cuz He Lights up life.

Academy, Jedi, Greatful because thats where I am getting my Jedi Education.

Anakin Skywalker, Greatful cuz He's such a Hottie!

Anakin from Journey to the Dark side, Greatful cuz He has helped me with this site.

Apple's, Greatful cuz they're good in pies.

A New Hope Star Wars, Greatful cuz it was a great movie.

Here are the list od B's

Bootie, Greatful cuz Anakin Skywalker has a Great Bootie!

Bow's, Greatful cuz they make presents pretty.

BlueBerries, Greatful cuz they are great in Muffins!

Bantha Tracks, Greatful cuz of all the cool articals in the magazine Insider.

(Sorry, I have no more....)

Here's my SW Questions....

1. If Luke and Leia weren't brother and sister, would they have made a good couple?

2. If Padme' had lived, where would she have raised Luke or Leia?

3. Did Vader ever consider marring another after Padme's death?

May the Force be with you always!