Sunday, December 31, 2006

Grateful Tuesday letter Q

Hello there I know I am late on the Grateful Tuesdays... I dont have a huge lists for the letter Q. But what I do have I will put down....

QuiGon-Jinn - I am grateful because he led a fine example of what a Real Jedi was to be.

Queen Amidala - I am grateful for her spunkiness.

Quarters - I am greatful for I collect them.

Quiet - I am grateful for the quiet times.

Quicky Mart - I am grateful cuz they sell slurpies.

*News* Alex and I are celebrating the Holidays quielty together.

*School News* It looks like I passed both classes this term. I may only take one class this next term.

*Shout Outs* Happy New Years everyone! Hello there Anakin and Padme! Happy Holidays!

*Three Star Wars questions to ponder...*
1. How long do you think it actually took to build the first Death Star?

2. Did the Empire celebrate holidays?

3. If you had the chance to board the first Death Star what would you do?

Sorry this was short and late, I have been very busy at home. See you all Next Year!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Grateful Tuesday's letter P

Hello there It's another Grateful Tuesday and today's letter is the letter P.

Palpatine - I am grateful because even though he was evil, he was good at how he did it.

Padme Amidala - I am grateful for the charactor Padme because she was brave.

Planets - I am grateful Mr Lucas used his awesome imaginations to create worlds and such.

PooDoo - _ am grateful for this funny new word I have learned.

Admiral / Captian Piett - I am grateful for how he handled Lord Darth Vader.

Politicians - I am grateful because I dont have to put up with the stuff they do.

Police - I am grateful because they keep the donut shops open.

Paper - I am grateful for all the things you can write on it.

Please - I am grateful for all the please's I can ask.

Potatoes - I am grateful because you can make so many different things with them.

Pot pies - I am grateful because I like the stuff inside them.

Pies - I am grateful for the fruits you can fill in them.

Potato chips - I am grateful for all the different flavors, like bbq, and plain and dorritos etc.

Pappas - I am grateful for their sweet tastes.

Pizza - I am grateful for all the things you can put on it.

Padme - I am grateful for my friend Padme because she is the nicest person I have ever met on line!

School news: Well, school is officially out for me until Jan 15th, 2007. I know I passed one of my classes. The other one I am waiting.

Shout outs: Hello there lurkers. Welcome if this is your first visit. Hello there my Dearest friends Anakin and Padme from Journey to the Darkside. Thanks for comming by to visit my site again.

Ohter news: Well still no news as to weather or not I am expecting. But I refuse to give up. Alex and I are happy either way. We are making plans to attend Celebration 4 in May of 2007. If you want more info go to and look up Celebration 4! I do hope to see you there!

Star Wars Questions to ponder....
1. What actor/actress/ charactor autograph would you want to get if you had the chance?

2. If you could have a dinner/lunch with any Star Wars actor/actress/ charactor whom would it be?

3. What would you bring for the Star Wars actor/actress/ charactor to sign?

Well thats it for this week, and hey look I got it done by tonight! May the Force be with You always!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Grateful Tuesdays Letter O

Hello there my Friends, Todays Grateful Tuesday's letter is the letter O!

Obi Wan Kenobi - I am grateful for the joy and wisdom he had and shared.

Owen Lars - I am grateful because he raised Luke.

Orbit - I am grateful for the orbit that surrounds us.

Oneness - I am grateful for the oneness I now know because of the Force

Openess - I am grateful for the openness, I feel around my Husband.

Oranges - I am grateful for the sweet tastes especialy OJ in the morning!

Oreo's - I am grateful for the chocolate double stuffed ones, yummy!

Orange soda - I am grateful for it cus it tastes so good!

School News: Well all my finnals are done now! No more school until Jan 15th 2007! I passed my Meditation 101 class with an A+!

Other News: Alex and I are doing ok. Our car got broken into last Sunday so we are cleaning up the mess, and having to repair the passanger side window.

Shout Outs! : Hello there lurkers and Anakin and Padme. Sorry I havent posted much I have been so busy with school and all!

Star Wars questions to ponder...
1. What do you think the Jedi Trials were?

2. If you failed the Jedi Trials then what?

3. What gets a Jedi to the place where they are ready for the Jedi Trials?

Well I know this was a short post, but I am a bit tired now and want to go off to bed soon! See you all next week and May the Force be with you always!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Grateful Tuesdays Letter N

Hello there This week it's the letter N got grateful Tuesdays.

Naboo - I am grateful for how beautiful Naboo was.

Nerf Herders - I am grateful cuz when Princess Leia called Han this I laughed.

Needa Captian - I am grateful cuz he was funny arounf Vader.

Neimoidian - I am grateful because Vader wiped them out.

Natilie Portman - I am grateful because she is a very wonderful actress.

Nails - I am grateful for my nails.

Name - I am grateful for my Jedi name.

Nap - I am grateful when I get to take a nap.

Nature - I am grateful for its beauty and wonder.

Noodles - I am grateful for what you can do with them.

School news ; Grades are almost done. I still have one more week left and a final paper due this week.

Shout outs: Welcome lurkers to my blog once again. Thank you Anakin and Padme for posting a comment on my blog. I do appreciate all my friends comments.

Other news: I havent been feeling all too well. Actually I have been feeling a little tummy aches. Alex and I are still trying to have a baby.

Star Wars Questions to ponder :
1. If you were a character within the Star Wars Universe where would you have been born?

2. Do you think Palpatine ever married?

3. What do you think Queen Amidala did while in her youth on Naboo?

Well there you have it. I know it was a short one but Short is good too... May the Force be with you always!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grateful Tuesdays Letter M (sorry this was late)

Hello there, I know this post is late but better late than never right? This week is the letter M! Well here's my list of M's....

Millium Falcon - I am grateful for how fast it could go when the hyperdrive was working.

Mayhew Peter - I am grateful for this guys wonderful talents.

McGregor Ewan - I am grateful for his singing as well his acting.

Medical Droid - I am grateful cus they can operate on you if you get your limbs cut off by a saber or worse.

Meditation chamber - I am grateful Vader had a place to go meditate.

Meditation - I am grateful I took Meditation 101 this last term and I think I passed.

M&M's - I am grateful for their colors and how they melt in your mouth and not in your hands.

Mangos - I am grateful for their sweet flavor.

Meat - I am grateful for all the different kinds of meats.

Mincemeat pies - I am grateful for them yummy.

Melons - I am grateful for them in the summertime.

Money - I am grateful for all the neat things I can get with it.

Masters - I am grateful for all the Master's that are out there who lobe Their subs and slaves.

School news : My finial paper for Meditation 101 was due this Wednesday! I did it and I should know my grades this next week or so?

Other news: I thought I might have become pregnet. Although I am having all the symptoms the test came back negitive. Oh well, maybe I took it to early? I do think I am pregnet...

Shout outs ; Hello there Anakin and Padme. Great posts this week. Like you I have been busy, very busy. I haven't had much time to rest lately.

Star Wars Questions to ponder.....

1. Who is your favorite goodguy?

2. What was it about them you liked the most?

3. If there was to be another Star Wars movie/tv show what good guy would you want to see as a main character?

Well see you next week ok? May the Force be with you always!