Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Grateful Tuesdays Letter N

Hello there This week it's the letter N got grateful Tuesdays.

Naboo - I am grateful for how beautiful Naboo was.

Nerf Herders - I am grateful cuz when Princess Leia called Han this I laughed.

Needa Captian - I am grateful cuz he was funny arounf Vader.

Neimoidian - I am grateful because Vader wiped them out.

Natilie Portman - I am grateful because she is a very wonderful actress.

Nails - I am grateful for my nails.

Name - I am grateful for my Jedi name.

Nap - I am grateful when I get to take a nap.

Nature - I am grateful for its beauty and wonder.

Noodles - I am grateful for what you can do with them.

School news ; Grades are almost done. I still have one more week left and a final paper due this week.

Shout outs: Welcome lurkers to my blog once again. Thank you Anakin and Padme for posting a comment on my blog. I do appreciate all my friends comments.

Other news: I havent been feeling all too well. Actually I have been feeling a little tummy aches. Alex and I are still trying to have a baby.

Star Wars Questions to ponder :
1. If you were a character within the Star Wars Universe where would you have been born?

2. Do you think Palpatine ever married?

3. What do you think Queen Amidala did while in her youth on Naboo?

Well there you have it. I know it was a short one but Short is good too... May the Force be with you always!


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
Great list for N's. I forgot about Natalie portman. I love her acting as you already know. ;)
You think of many things I don't for your gratitudes.
Hope your doing ok, belda...

12:51 PM  

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