Monday, November 13, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter K

Hello there... This weeks letter is the letter K.

Knights Jedi - I am greatful because one day I'll actually be one.

Kenobi - I am greatful for his wisdom and kindness.

Ki-Adi-Mundi - I am greatful for his wisdom and fighting skills.

Koon Plo - I am Greatful for his wisdom and his flying skills.

Kashyyyk - I am greatful because this is where Chewie came from.

Kamino - I am greatful because of it was a beautiful water plannet.

Kessel - I am greatful that the Millium Falcon won the Kessel races.

Kissing - I am greatful for the intimacy it brings between the two.

Kittens - I am greatful for their little faces and features.

Kites - I am greatful I know how to make and fly them.

KitKat's - I am greatful for their yummy soft crunchy candies.

Hersies Kisses - I am greatful for their chocolates.

Knowledge - I am greatful I have access to knowledge.

::School Updates::
My education at the Jedi Academy is going great. I am enjoying learning and getting my work turned in. Though one of my classes ends this next week. So I will only have one class to contend with till the end of the semester.

::Shout Outs:: Hello to Anakin and Padme again. Please go check out Padme's personal blog at Its really awesome! To the lurkers... Remember I dont bite. Please drop by and comment?

:: Other News :: Alex and I are doing good. We are making plans to attend Celebration 4 in May 2007. Here's the link to know who, what where and how's about the convention.

Ok here's the SW questions for the week....
1. If you could meet anyone form the cast or crew from Star Wars who would it be?

2. What would you say to them apon meeting them?

3. Would you if asked want a part on or in a Star Wars film/tv/other?


Blogger padme said...

Hey belda,
How are you doing? Loved your list for K. I just did my list. I was a bit late today with getting mine up. :) I love all that you mentioned. Knowledge is a really good one. I forgot about that. :)
Thanks for mentioning my new blog.

2:36 PM  

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