Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter C!

Hello there! My list of C's are....

Candy : I am greatful because this is always nummy! Tis all I can say!

Cake : I am greatful because this is another nummy thing for my tummy!

Christensen Hayden : He's a fox! I am greatful to be His fan!

Cool Breeze's : I an greatful because sometimes we need them.

Cats : I am greatful for their cute little expressions, and sweet ways!

Cotton : I am greatful for this because I love the feel of it on my skin.

Cell Phones : I am greatful because I can be reached no matter what!

Well there's my lists....

Here's a quick update on the schooling at the Jedi Academy. I am currently awaiting my finial grades. I know I have passed...

Here's an update on everything else... Alex and I are growing closer to oneanother. I am in love!

Here's my shout-out section... Hello there Anakin and Padme. Thanks for answering my Question on Ask Anakin, Anakin! When I can come up with more, I'll ask.... Padme I hope to chat with you again soon!

Here's some more Star Wars questions to ponder...

1. Why do you feel Jedi's were forbiden to marry?

2. Do you think the law of Non-attachment should've stayed the same after the new Jedi Temple was built under Luke Skywalker?

3. Did Vader re-marry after Padme died?


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
I got your yahoo message this morning. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I miss chatting with you too. I'm so happy to hear things are working out with alex. :) That makes me very happy. I love your list of c's.

I'm glad your doing gratitude tuesday too. :)
BIG HUGS dear friend

9:14 AM  

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