Monday, July 31, 2006

Spam posting

I guess Darth Vader isnt the only one here who is angry! For those of You who come here, I wanted to thank You. I wanted to Thank You also for commenting on my Blog. That means the wrold to me. One thing I ask is please do not put spam on my site! Falco348 Your SPAM comment was DELEATED! Yes, now Your Revieled before Everyone as a SPAMMER! I am sorry I had to do this... So from now on at least for the time being I will have to approve Everyone's comments. This upsets me because I dont like having to monitor things especially Everyone's comments. I believe in freedom of speach. But not I have to make sure NO One puts spam on my Blog. Oh well.

On a lighter Note, all things seem to be going well. It has been very hot outside so I do not go outside very much.

School news: I just received a Commendation from my Instructor for turning my work in on time. This is good news to my ears. I know I'm going to pass this term, I can feel it!

Journey to the DarkSide Blog's Star Wars Party was a major hit! LOL Pun intended! I know I'm still comming out of the Party mood from that night! I do Hope Anakin and Padme are recovered from the Party. Anakin, Padme, Adam, Mel, GoodGirl, SithLord, all the others, it was so awesome to get to chat with You!

Other news: I planning on creating another Blog soon. This other Blog will be geared towards the 18 + sorry Younglings should not read. It'll contain stories, pics, and adult themed items. So that means I'll have 2 Blogs. maybe I'll do another one of Funny SW fan Fic too.

SW Queations to Ponder...

1. What relation do You think Anakin Skywalker was to Darth Plagus?

2. Who do you think was Anakins Real Father?

3. Would Qui-Gon have made good or bad a Father Figure for Anakin?


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
I got your message about your blog post. I am feeling pretty down today but still wanted to come read your post. I am sorry to hear about your spam. Sometimes comment moderation is neccessary. We had to do that for a while too.
The party was wonderful and I am so glad you joined us. I hope we can do another party sometime. Sith Lord maybe watching the original Star Wars this time. What do you think?
Take care and big hugs to you belda...

2:13 PM  
Blogger adam said...

I can understand doing comment moderation...I decided to do the same, a while back.

Spam is the worst..but it also keeps out the "meanies," if ya know what I mean.

May the Force Be With You, Belda.

I look forward to seeing your new blog..I'll add it to my Links, for sure. Be "naughty," and have fun!!

xx, adam.

6:26 AM  
Blogger melanaise said...

Hello Belda,

That party rocked my socks...LOL

I loved it! IT was sooo fun chatting with everyone :-)

10:36 AM  

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