Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Anakin and Padme vacation....

My dear friends Anakin and Padme will be leaving on Vacation for a few days. I wanted to wish Them the best travle, and a safe return home.

Oh BTW, Thank You Anakin for helping add Adam's blogs and the counter thing to my site! I honestly don't know where I'd be without You and Padme!

Please go check out Adam's blogs. He's a wonderful poet and writer!

I went back to work today. I worked a full 6 1/2 hrs until it got too unbarable for me to stand any more. Then when I came home I went into the Jedi Academy and did my Homework. I finished it. Like I said in an earlier post I plan on keeping up with my Homework rather than put it off for another day or two. This way it'll get done, and I'll have no reason to panic!

I may be posting a short story here when I have finished. It all depends on when I'll have time to get back to writing it and weather or not i want to publish it here or not.

Sorry this post was a short one, I am quite tired and I have to get up early for bed to go to work and chat with Padme. Here's some SW Questions for pondering?

Say you were able to travle to a Gallaxy far far away, what plannet would you want to visit?

What would you wanna do and see there?

How long would you stay?

Would you want to visit anyone in particular?

If so Who or Whom?

May the Force be with You Always!


Blogger padme said...

Thanks for your well wishes, belda. Your a really good friend and I'm so glad to know you. :)
I was touched to come here and see your post this morning. I'm glad we got a chance to chat too before I leave. I hope we make it as far to you so we can meet...
Thank you for your friendship...
Your the best!!

9:08 AM  

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