Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I find these photos to say so much.....

Hello there.... I'm back. Here's the news on what I've been up to...

Yesterday I was busy. First I changed my curtians then I changed my bedspread. Then I did 3 loads of laundry. Not to mention I also did 2 Homework assingments from the JEDI Academy. My second term started on July 10th. So Far I passed Adept 1, Communications 1 with at least a B. No-one in either of my classes got an A. Oh Well at least I passed, right? Last term, I was lazy when it came to doing my work. I think this term I'm going to do the work the day it's handed out I dont want to end up behind and doing catchup work all term like I did last Term.

LOL, I'd say I have been quite naughty.... I know I need to do better, and strive to do so. Especially if I one day want to become a Jedi? right? What do you think? I also feel I need someone who can properly disipline me to better construct my life. What do you think? Part of becomming a Jedi is being disiplined. Otherwise there would be complete choas! Just incase your wondering?? Yes, I am seeking to find a Jedi Master who will disipline me, correct me, and care for me the way a Jedi Master is susposed to. I need His strong guideance and disipline in my life! If Your of the Sith persuasion, that can work also. You must be strong in the Force!

I wanted to give a proper "Whatz up" to my Friends on Journey to the Darkside. LOL I feeling quite frisky today! I love the Ocean and the food pictures Anakin and Padme put up on Their site! They are planning on going camping, I know I'll miss Them and will have plenty of stuff to tell Them when they return. I sure wish I didnt live so far away from Them. Then We could really party! I will be Meditating for Them to have safe travles and fun. Enjoy the Camping trip, Be safe, Be well, and hurry back cuz You'll be missed very much!

I went to another Blog called After Paradise by Adam. He's Padme's and Anakin's Friend also. Nice Blog Adam. I spend lots of my time lurking on perples blogs. Most I comment on. Some I just lurk on.

Heres the SW questions??

Do you consider Yourself to be a Jedi?

Would you say your a Master?

Do you prefere the Sith to the Jedi?


Blogger padme said...

Great blog post, belda. And really nice pictures of padme and Anakin. I hope you will find your Jedi one day, belda.
I definatly don't consider myself a Jedi...that is Master Anakin's area. :) I am so grateful for our friendship and I wish we lived closer too. I am sure we will meet one day...I love california!! :)
We'll miss you on the trip but take lots of photos for you...

1:09 PM  
Blogger adam said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, and for stopping by, and commenting.

I'd say, I'm one half Sith & one half Jedi...kinda like a Sith-on-the-halfshell, (if that makes any sense.) I wonder at times, and worry about My Force..It comes & goes..but, ain't that life.

I'm sure you'll do just fine in all your studies. You're a dedicated student, and that's what will see you through...

Best Wishes, belda.

Your blog is a fine one, too. I'll be reading & commenting again. I'll add you to my links, if that okay with you. Let me know.


3:58 PM  
Blogger padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Padme, and Adam. Thanks so much for commenting here. I am a Jedi all the way, but I consider myself to be a Youngling/Padawan as far as level's go.

Padme, I will miss you! Anakin's area, yeah Your right.

Adam, please do add me to Your Blog. It's good to know Your out there Welcome btw.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Anakin said...

Great post, belda. You raise an excellent question. I would consider myself a Jedi, yes, but lacking the formal training in the ways of the Force; I did train under a Sith Lord for a while and learned a great deal from him about being a Master, I must say in all honesty. So I would say I have learned through natural, informal means the ways of the Force, and to learn to be a better, wiser Master. As for Jedi or Sith, I must say that each has its strengths. I feel I'm almost both, torn between quite often. Enjoying the strengths of one, the virtue of the other.

Thank you for the meditation; that is generous of you and welcome. Though we look forward to going away on a journey, we will look forward to returning as well.

Good luck in your studies. Do keep up; it's a much stronger and wiser position to be in that to be behind all the time. May the Force be with you, belda.


8:24 PM  
Blogger padawanbeldapinik said...

Hello there Anakin and welcome back to my blog! Yes You are right, I too notice a pull from both sides. But I am learning how to resist the lure to the Sith. I honestly think I'd make a good Sith at all. But yes, I am trying to keep up with my studies at the Jedi Academy. No Problem about the Meditation stuff. I am finding I am liking that. Oh and before I forget thank You for adding Adam's blogs and the counter thingy to my site. Your Awesome!

Padme, thanks for telling Anakin I needed help with it and thanks for mentioning me to Adam:-)
MTFBWY Always!

8:42 PM  
Blogger adam said...

Hello, Belda:

I just got dome adding you to my Links. I'm happy Anakin helped you with this..Thanks, for including me, as well. MTFBWY, always, too!


10:08 PM  

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