Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here I am in my full Jedi outfit. I have been working on it for months! I know it's not very orthodox, but it's me. Anyone out there have any Star Wars outfits they have made or are making? I have actually 2 Jedi outfits, this one and one with a white tunik. Both are comfortable and look well, I think....

Yesterday I went to Santa Rosa then to Marin. It was a super fun experience. I got me a limmited edition Junior Jedi Training Manual. I have read it and it's cool. Anything to help me on my Jedi Training. I have some more pics of me at Skywalker Ranch tooken yesterday. I may attempt to post them later if I can?

I got to speak with Padme from Journey to the Darkside Last night after I got home. They were having a party. I stayed as long as I could. I was a bit tired though. I do wish I could've seen the fights. Oh Well... I am happy to hear You Both were having a wonderful time.

Adam, if you want to post a comment, feel free to. I like your Blog too.

I also really want to know and l do like to hear what people think of my little blog. Please feel free to comment. I dont bite...

Here is the SW question(s) for the day....
Are you into costuming for SW? If so do you prefere good or bad? If you had the finiances, whos costume would you want? (I'm not talking about a remake, I'm talking about the actual one worn by the actor/actress) Do you have a lightsabor? If so which one? Is it a Master Repulica one or other?


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
Thanks for joining our party last night. I talked to Master and we both agree...we really *must* do a star wars party after we get back from camping I think we'll do that. Maybe get everyone to watch Episode 3 or something and chat about it and comment. Thanks for a wonderful idea. I'll make sure to mention you when we do that. :)
costumes...I would love to get padme's white costume. I know it would drive Master crazy...

Love your picture, belda! Your going to be a true Jedi. May the force be with you!

7:40 PM  

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