Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hello there, I feel sad today because some very dear friends of mine were hurt today. Anakin and Padme form Journey to the Darkside Blog, if You read this, I miss You! Knowing that You may not be bloging for awhile is very sad news to me. I do wish there was more I could do for You both! You both mean the world to me. If it wasnt for You, I would've never even started a blog. It's because of You that I have the confidance to be open here on this blog. Know that if You ever need me I am here for You!

**Update on my schooling stuff**
I was able to finish all my work. As of tonight all that left is my one Final. I will be working on that Wednesday night and possibly most of the day on Thursday. I have to take a scene from the Star Wars Movies or Books, decribe what emotions/relationships and re-write it. That'll take some thinking. I already have an idea as to which scene, I wish to re-write. Although to be honest.... I dont like having to re-write stuff that is perfect to begin with. Oh well?

On other news, My Fiancee and I have decided to put on hold everything due to we really need to think about weather or not to actually get married. I want to take my time, He wants to rush. I dont see a reason to rush into a marriage. So I said lets think about what we're doing and wait a little longer. Maybe it's best we just remain friends? He wants a baby, I dont. I'm not at all sure I really want to marry Him. Things He's done to me in the past few months have caused me to want to back away. I need to meditate on this and pray some more. I am scared, not of Him. But of hurting Him. Of being a disapiontment to Him. I do love Him. So I am torn, unsure and sad. I know how Padme felt when Anakin told her He was in love with her for the first time.

Anyone out there ever see something from SW that you know you personally have gone through and can totally relate to? What was is, and what did you do different?


Blogger padme said...

I'm sure that was a difficult decision to make with your finance. I hope the force will be with you during this time. You have my full support and friendship....
I'm so glad to have you in my life and as my friend.
Thank you for mentioning us in your blog are truly a very special lady.

I feel the force in you, young padawan....
You will get through this...sometimes a break is a good thing. I had a break once from Master Anakin. I never gave up hope and 7 years later we got back together....

May the force be with you...
(((((BIG HUGS)))))))))

11:19 PM  

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