Monday, June 26, 2006

My weekend

Hello there... This weekend I went to the Drive in and saw Nacho Libre. It was funny and I want to see it agian. My Fiancee and I spent the weekend together. Sunday He took me to a park and we had a small picnic. We saw ducks and fed a squral some cheetos and ranch chips. He was so cute nibbleing on the cheeto's. After that we came back to my house to pick up a table. Then we went back to His place to clean up the back yard. It was really hot outside so I mostly stayed in or went out frount to speak with His neighbor. After that He took me back home and I went right to bed.

So what does Everyone think of this photo? I like it myself! Any Photo's Anyone wanna see from SW?

May the Force be with You always!

Oh Welcome The Juice. I just saw your comment. And Happy B-day to Anakin and Padme's Princess!


Blogger padme said...

Thank you for your wishes on our daughter's birthday. :) I appreciate it very much. I am glad you had a nice weekend. That sounds very nice.
I enjoy this picture very much for obvious reasons...

9:55 AM  

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