Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Journey to the Darkside

Yes, I found another photo of Star Wars. I like this one! Anyways, I wanted to say Please go check out my Dear Friends Blog on Journey to the Darkside. Anakin and Padme have done a wonderful job on it today. I love to read their blogs because I find them to be very intresting.

Today was a wierd day for me. I got called into work early, and I was already tired and in some pain due to my bad feet. I wish I didnt have any feet problems. I hate it! When I finially got home the Internet was down again. Come to find out it was down for other people in my area. Well thats all that happened today.

Yesterday I listened to Moulin Rouge CD, it has Ewan McGregor (EP 1, 2, 3 OBI-Wan) singing on it. I also along with Padme from Journey to the Darkside and some of her on-line friends watched Ep 3 simotanously. It was cool chatting and watching it at the same time. Like a priviate party on-line. Then Later I got to Chat with Anakin, that was a Hoot! I love getting to chat with Anakin and Padme. They make my day every time I get the chance to chat with them. I'm so happy I have had the Honor and Priviliage of meeting them on line. Also: Hayden Christensen who played Anakin/Vader got an award from MTV! Well, thats all I have as far as News....

Here are todays questions, since I mentioned EP 3.... How many times have you seen ROTS in the theaters? What was your favorite scene? Who was your Favorite Charactor? Who did you like least? What scene did you not like? How mant times have you seen it on DVD? Have you found the "easter egg" of the Rapping Yoda?


Blogger padme said...

I mentioned you in my blog post tonight. Thank you for your beautiful blog post and I LOVE that picture! It's beautiful! I've seen ROTS so many times now...I can't even count that high. I love that movie! I enjoyed watching it at the same time as you. I know Master enjoyed his chat with you also.
Hope we can chat tommorow.

10:00 PM  

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