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Hello there... Does anyone out there ever have dreams about Star Wars? Well I have had a few ranging from meeting the actors to meeting Darth Vader! One particular dream I remember having was...
I went with some friends of mine to meet George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch. Everything seemed normal there. When we got there I noticed off to the right of us was the Emperor's Shuttle. Well? What a cool prop. I being very currous and all decided to go on board and check it out....

Little did I know, It wasn't a prop, but the real thing! I no more got on board and a man who sounded just like Palpitine spoke up and said "I've been expecting you! Have a seat!" I didn't know what to say... I just stared at Him. Then I thought I'd better get going. I headed down the ramp, and was forced back up by an on comming group. One of them was Darth Vader! "Sit down and relax, your comming with us!" Vader commanded. I wasnt in the mood to take orders...

I attempted to go back down the ramp but before I got to it, it slammed shut!!! I was beginning to get a little frightned! The shuttle began to lift off. Higher and higher it went until we were no longer in the Earths athomsphere! I went over to one of the pilots and said, "Please land this thing back where you took me... I do not wish to go... please? Take me back home?" I began to beg and plead, but nothing seemed to work. I went back over to the hatchway and droped to the floor and began to cry. I was now very frightned....

We finially docked on the Death Star. I was then bruttally grabbed by my arms and wisked away to a holding cell. It was cold and porly lit. I must've been there maybe 1 to 2 days. On occasion I would get up and walk around the cramped cell.

I couldnt stop crying. I looked up and finially the door opened. A tall slender man stood in the doorway along with 4 stormtroopers. What were they going to do to me? I wondered. "Get Up! and Follow me!" The slender Man said. He was dressed in an Imperial Officer's uniform. We walked for what would seem like 25 minutes. We finially got to our destination and He said "Go in there, be polite... The Emperor is not a patient person, and hates rudeness."

I went into the room. Darth Vader and the Emperor were at what seemed to be the top of an open staircase, at the top there was a Throne like chair in which the Emperor was sitting. I walked up the stairs, and florishly curtsied. I waited there knelt on the ground with my left hand held gracefully up until Darth Vader came and genntly lifted my hand. "Do you know why you are here, Belda?" The Emperor asked. "No, Your Excelancy, I do not..." I responded softly. "You are here because You were found to posess Jedi abilities...." The Emperor said with a huge smirk. "I dont truely know what your speaking of... and my real name isnt Belda it's..." "Silence Belda!" He snapped! "Your name is Belda! and you were found guilty of posessing Jedi abilities! How do you plead?" He asked. "Your Excellancy, Sir.... I am not a Jedi. Jedi's arfe fiction." I responded. Through out this whole time Vader said nothing. He just watched, all you could hear from him was his breathing.

"Sir? Please release me, I mean you no harm. Please let me go home?" I begged. The Emperor only laughed at me in a mocking way. "Let you go Home? Why should we let you return home?" He asked with a Mocking tone in his voice. The tears began to fall. He only laughed at me. He then called to 2 of the royal guards and said " Take this girl to a priviate room, have her cleaned up and return her here."

While I was dragged off. Darth Vader and the Emperor talked...
"You desire her, my Young Apprentice" "Yes My Master, I find her to be beautiful." Vader responded. "She reminds me in a way like Padme." He finished. "I could feel your desire for her" The Emperor stated.

I was cleaned up and handed a fine dress to wear. I put it on and was wisked away back to the Throne Room. When I arived there Vader stood at the entrance and awaited me. He politely offered his arm and we wlaked back up the stairs. "I have decided to spare your life in exchange you will Wed Vader within the next 2 days. I have sent you a handmaiden to help you in all you need help. I am doing this for Vader. If you refuse this preposal, I'll destroy your pathetic plannet!" He said in a mean tone. I was shocked. I pulled awahy from Vader right away! "I am already engaged to be married to someone. I cannot marry Darth Vader!"

(in the mean time on Earth)
My friends were frantically looking for a way to get me back. They all worked together and attempted to build a craft using spair parts from everyday appliances. To much of their advail, it never lifted off the ground. They did thier best, even told my family what had happened... No one seemed to be able to help....

(Back on the Death Star)
I was sent to a grand suite. I didnt want to marry Vader! What was I supposed to do? I wanted to go home, I missed my Fiancee' and my friends and family. I laid on the bed and began to cry again thinking of them. I was startled when a Holographic like image of Qui-Gon Jin appeared. "Be calm, Belda...." He said. "It is the will of the Force that you marry Vader." "But I do not love Him!" I said. "You will in time. But first I feel I must explain things to you, and tell you who you really are........" He said. He explained that I was really his long lost neice and that I had been sent to Earth to be protected from the Sith. And that an appointed time I was to become the Bride of a Sith Lord and to be the one who changes Him. All this was alot to take in, but in the end I understood my purpose........

(at that point I woke up. I know this was a supper long post, but it was a long dream) So anyone ever have any simular dreams/nightmares?


Blogger padme said...

I can honestly say I havn't had a dream about Star Wars. Your dream sounded awesome though. WOW! I really enjoyed this blog post. :)
I've had some strange dreams lately but mostly for some reason about my Dad. I think I'd much rather dream about Darth. *big grins*

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