Friday, May 26, 2006

Jedi Academy

Hello there my Friends.... Well, I sure hope this link works? It is where I attend at the Jedi Academy. I am excited that Anakin is planning on enrolling very soon. Padme and I have been attempting to convince more and more to Join the Jedi Academy. Its a great place to get alot of information. Last night I finially finished my homework. And boy was I happy! I am learnig patience, and strenght. Something Anakin has told me I should learn. I have almost memorized the Jedi Code. I'll be putting that up soon.

Well, heres some questions for you.... Whos your favorite charactor? What is your favorite scene? What would you personally had done to change the outcomes? Who is your least favorite charactor? Why? What type of charactors do you think would make Star Wars more intresting? Any thoughts? Oh heres an intresting one.... Who would you like to receive a spanking from?


Blogger padme said...

I hope Master enrolls too at the jedi academy. I think it would be a great learning experience for him...*big smiles*
My favorite character is definaly padme..(gee, I quess that's obvious, eh)
My favorite movie was Revenge of the Sith.
My favorite scene was Anakin and padme marrying in Eps. 2
Great blog post, belda...

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