Thursday, June 15, 2006

How has everyone been?

Hello there, It has been very quiet on my end here. I feel like I've been deserted on Tatooine or Dagaba or somewhere else... Oh well, I guess all young Jedi's go through this one time or another? Anyone out there in cybey-space ever get to feeling this way?

Here's a short update on whats been going on with me... I have had a horrible toothache all week! So bad I was sent home early from work today. Very frustrating! The internet connection is very shacky still. I do hope that it'll be fixed soon! On happier note, I have gotten to enjoy watching my Star Wars movies.

I am thinking of my ders friends Anakin and Padme from Journey to the darkside blog. I sure hope Anakin is feeling better soon! I miss Padme and am hoping her Force is getting stronger! I was not able to chat with them today. I am sending warm happy Force feelings their way as I am writing this blog.

May the Force be with Everyone!


Blogger padme said...

Thanks for your good thoughts, belda...your a good friend. I really appreciate it. I hope your tooth get fixed soon....
I know Master can relate to you with the tooth pain.

7:44 AM  

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