Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter J

Hello there welcome back. Todays Greatful Tuesday the letter this week is the letter J.

Here's my List:

Jesus - I am greatful for all He did for me.

Joy - I am greatful for having Joy in my life.

James Earl Jones - I am greatful for his wonderful acting tallents.

Jedi - I am greatful for what they are and what they believe. I am greatful to be one.

Journey to the Darkside Blog - I am greatful because I met the most awesome people on that blog.

Jelly Beans - I am greatful for the yummy candies.

Juice - I am greatful for grape, apple and orange juices. Yummy!

Juju Beads - I am greatful for that wonderful candies.

Japanese food - I am greatful for their culture and foods.

Well theres my list of J's...

School News : Well This term is almost up. I seem to be doing very good. No complaints so far.

Shout Outs: Hello Anakin and Padme. I love the youtube video you put up on your site, LOL!
To all the Lurkers... Please comment? I would love to hear from you!

Other News: Alex and I have been sick we both have been down with a bad cold and I havent had much energy to do all too much.

SW questions to ponder.
1. How long do you think Vader could be without his suit?

2. If the technology was there do you think Vader would've gotten plastic surgery and such?

3. Could Vader use Force Lightning, if He could do other things through the Force why not?


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
I love your list of J's. You always find a few that I forget. Thank you for mentioning our blog. I love that You Tube star wars funny. :) It really makes me laugh and is so cute.
I'm sorry to hear you and alex have been so sick. Hope you feel better soon. We had a cold last week too and it was awful.

I miss you lots and hope we can chat sometime. I think it's almost time for another star wars spanking party...what do you think?? Let me know...

Great questions. I'm curious myself about how long Vader could be without his suit. I don't imagine long as he was so burnt. You come up with the best questions...


7:46 AM  

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