Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter F

Hello there here is my list of the letter F.

Fun - I am greatful for times when I can have Fun

Fantasy - I am greatful for stories and movies that deal with fantasy like LOTR, and Robin Hood.

Fiction - I am greatful for all the Fan Fiction stories I read on line about SW, and other shows, movies, etc..

Funny - I am greatful for a funny sense of humor, and when people are funny.

Force - I am greatful for the Force and the guideance it gives me.

Finding things - I am greatful when I find something new or lost.

Friends - I am greatful for all my friends like Anakin and Padme.

Forever - I am greatful for forever because it's longer than never.

Food - I am greatful for all the different types of food I like.

Fan - I am greatful to be a Fan of so many different people.

Well there's my list of F's...

Other news: Things are going well with Alex and I. He is soon to get his Rogue # for the local SW fan club. We like watching Deal or No Deal when we're together.

School News: Classes started this week. I like how they are set up. You can look to the next week to get them done early.

Shout Outs: Padme, I miss you, get well soon! Anakin how's it going? Alex, my Beloved Master, I love you.

SW Questions to ponder:
1. What do you think Vader did on his days off?

2. What do you think Palpatine did on his days off?

3. Did Vader or Palpatine play golf?


Blogger padme said...

Great list for F's, belda.
I just got mine up today. I'm glad things are going well for you and alex. I've missed you and hope your doing ok.
Thanks for your well wishes..

4:32 PM  

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