Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Greatful Tuesdays Letter is I

Hello there.... Here's my list for Greatful Tuesdays letter I.....

Ian McDiarmid - I am greatful for His wonderful acting tallents.

Imperial Stormtroopers - I am greatful for their funny armor's.

Imperial Army - I am greatful for their funny ways they try to impress Vader and Palpatine.

Invisible Cloaks - I am greatful for the fun things you can do while wearing one.

Imagination - I am greatful for how I can use it to create many wonderous things.

Ice Cream - I am greatful for all the many different flavors.

Itialian qusine - I am greatful for all the foods from Itialy.

Itialy - I am greatful for the culture Itialy has to offer.

Islands - I am greatful that there are many islands all over the world.

Intimiaticy - I am greatful for the intimiate things Alex and I do.

Well there's my list of the letter I.

School News: The Term is almost over. At the end of the month is my finials. I know I'm gonna be so busy by then. I am studing hard trying to keep up my good grades.

Shoutouts: Hello there Anakin and Padme form Journey to the Dark Side Blog. Thank You for helping my blog look nice, I really like the work you've done on it like the blinkies and the dancing trooper. Hello there also to those who visit my blog.

Other News: Alex and I are really enjoying each other. I am finding it easier and easier to submit my will to His everyday. As each day passes I am finding it comes easier to submit to Him.

Star Wars Questions to ponder....

1. Did Vader want to submit to Palpatine fully?

2. Did Palpatine have something over Vader to force him into obedience?

3. Had Padme Skywalker lived would she have submitted to Palpatine's rule?


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
I enjoyed your list of I's. I forgot about a few like ice cream. I love ice cream. How did I forget that one? LOL.
I'm really happy to hear that things are going so well with you and alex. :)
Love the look of your blog too. :)

10:21 AM  

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