Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gratitude Tuesday's letter G

Here is my lists of G's

George Lucas - I am greatful for him because he created Star Wars and many other wonderful sci-fi movies.

Georgeous Guys - I am greatful that I can see them.

Greatful Tuesdays - I am greatful because my dear friends Anakin and Padme showed me this...

Grapes - I am greatful for the many different kinds of grapes... yummy!

Giant Burritos - I am greatful for their different flavors and all the things yolu can put in them.

Grandparents - I am greatful to have them both in spitit and in the natural.

God - I am greatful to believe in Him.

Goodness - I am greatful to have seen some goodness around still.

Gladness - I am greatful to see gladness and joy.

Giving - I am greatful for all the giving people out there.

Well That's my list of G's.

School news...
Here's some news about the Jedi Academy I'm attending. All my classes seem to be going really good. Very easy going. I will possibly take only 1 or 2 classes next term?

Other News...
Alex and I are planning to be getting married. Yes I know it's a little soon, but He's happy with me, and I'm happy with Him. He's everything I have asked for, and He says the same about me. I cant wait to be able to fully submit to Him.


Hello there Anakin and Padme from Journey to the darkside. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Please keep comming? To all those who come here and read my blog, please comment?

Star Wars questions to ponder...

1. Do you have a Lightsaber?

2. Did the Sith always use red for their blades?

3. What colors did the Jedi use?


Blogger padme said...

Really good list for G's belda...
You always think of things that I forget...
Congrats on the upcoming marriage...I wish you all the best!

4:13 AM  

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