Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grateful Tuesdays Letter M (sorry this was late)

Hello there, I know this post is late but better late than never right? This week is the letter M! Well here's my list of M's....

Millium Falcon - I am grateful for how fast it could go when the hyperdrive was working.

Mayhew Peter - I am grateful for this guys wonderful talents.

McGregor Ewan - I am grateful for his singing as well his acting.

Medical Droid - I am grateful cus they can operate on you if you get your limbs cut off by a saber or worse.

Meditation chamber - I am grateful Vader had a place to go meditate.

Meditation - I am grateful I took Meditation 101 this last term and I think I passed.

M&M's - I am grateful for their colors and how they melt in your mouth and not in your hands.

Mangos - I am grateful for their sweet flavor.

Meat - I am grateful for all the different kinds of meats.

Mincemeat pies - I am grateful for them yummy.

Melons - I am grateful for them in the summertime.

Money - I am grateful for all the neat things I can get with it.

Masters - I am grateful for all the Master's that are out there who lobe Their subs and slaves.

School news : My finial paper for Meditation 101 was due this Wednesday! I did it and I should know my grades this next week or so?

Other news: I thought I might have become pregnet. Although I am having all the symptoms the test came back negitive. Oh well, maybe I took it to early? I do think I am pregnet...

Shout outs ; Hello there Anakin and Padme. Great posts this week. Like you I have been busy, very busy. I haven't had much time to rest lately.

Star Wars Questions to ponder.....

1. Who is your favorite goodguy?

2. What was it about them you liked the most?

3. If there was to be another Star Wars movie/tv show what good guy would you want to see as a main character?

Well see you next week ok? May the Force be with you always!


Blogger padme said...

Hello belda,
Great list for M's. I forgot about M and M's. Those are awesome!! I always enjoy your different lists. I am sorry to hear about your pregnancy test. I should mention my pregnancy test with my daughter showed I was not pregnant when in fact I was. It was too early to tell. I wish you very good luck with getting pregnant!

Hope your doing ok, belda...

2:36 PM  

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