Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grateful Tuesday letter S

Hello there welcome to Grateful Tuesday. This weeks letter is the letter S.

"I'm grateful because....."

Star Wars - Is my Faforite all time movie!

Sith - Can be funny!

Sidious - Is better as Palpatine, or as I call him Old Man Palps.. tee hee...

Saber - I want a teal blade if I ever make one of my own

Sandcastles - Something to build with the sand.

Smooching - Tee hee, who doesnt like smooching.

Sand dollars - Are cool to have.

School - I love attenting the Jedi schooling on line

Shout outs - A chance to say hello to all my friends

Sandwhichs - I love sandwhiches, all kinds

Salmon - I love fish

Sushi - Yummy!

Squash - Oh especially home grown squash!

School News: Classes start again next week. I am only taking 1 lcass this term. Creed 101 its about the Jedi code.

Other News: Alex and I was going good! I have been busy with my role play friends.

Shout Outs: Hello there Anakin and Padme, tahnks for visiting my site.

Three Star Wars Questions to Ponder:

1. What did Sidious do on his days off?

2. Did Vader ever take a week off?

3. Where did Palpatine or Vader go for a break away from the Empire?


Blogger padme said...

Great list for S! I just did my R list last week. Your ahead of me. :) I would love to try the role playing sometime. Did you ever set up a character for me? I miss chatting with you so much.
I really hope we can catch up soon, my friend.
May the force be with you!

7:47 AM  

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