Sunday, December 31, 2006

Grateful Tuesday letter Q

Hello there I know I am late on the Grateful Tuesdays... I dont have a huge lists for the letter Q. But what I do have I will put down....

QuiGon-Jinn - I am grateful because he led a fine example of what a Real Jedi was to be.

Queen Amidala - I am grateful for her spunkiness.

Quarters - I am greatful for I collect them.

Quiet - I am grateful for the quiet times.

Quicky Mart - I am grateful cuz they sell slurpies.

*News* Alex and I are celebrating the Holidays quielty together.

*School News* It looks like I passed both classes this term. I may only take one class this next term.

*Shout Outs* Happy New Years everyone! Hello there Anakin and Padme! Happy Holidays!

*Three Star Wars questions to ponder...*
1. How long do you think it actually took to build the first Death Star?

2. Did the Empire celebrate holidays?

3. If you had the chance to board the first Death Star what would you do?

Sorry this was short and late, I have been very busy at home. See you all Next Year!


Blogger padme said...

Great list for Q, belda. I havn't even done my p list yet. I start my gratitudes again either this week or next. I hope you had a nice holiday and I miss chatting with you lots...

6:37 PM  

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