Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Grateful Tuesday's letter P

Hello there It's another Grateful Tuesday and today's letter is the letter P.

Palpatine - I am grateful because even though he was evil, he was good at how he did it.

Padme Amidala - I am grateful for the charactor Padme because she was brave.

Planets - I am grateful Mr Lucas used his awesome imaginations to create worlds and such.

PooDoo - _ am grateful for this funny new word I have learned.

Admiral / Captian Piett - I am grateful for how he handled Lord Darth Vader.

Politicians - I am grateful because I dont have to put up with the stuff they do.

Police - I am grateful because they keep the donut shops open.

Paper - I am grateful for all the things you can write on it.

Please - I am grateful for all the please's I can ask.

Potatoes - I am grateful because you can make so many different things with them.

Pot pies - I am grateful because I like the stuff inside them.

Pies - I am grateful for the fruits you can fill in them.

Potato chips - I am grateful for all the different flavors, like bbq, and plain and dorritos etc.

Pappas - I am grateful for their sweet tastes.

Pizza - I am grateful for all the things you can put on it.

Padme - I am grateful for my friend Padme because she is the nicest person I have ever met on line!

School news: Well, school is officially out for me until Jan 15th, 2007. I know I passed one of my classes. The other one I am waiting.

Shout outs: Hello there lurkers. Welcome if this is your first visit. Hello there my Dearest friends Anakin and Padme from Journey to the Darkside. Thanks for comming by to visit my site again.

Ohter news: Well still no news as to weather or not I am expecting. But I refuse to give up. Alex and I are happy either way. We are making plans to attend Celebration 4 in May of 2007. If you want more info go to www.starwars.com and look up Celebration 4! I do hope to see you there!

Star Wars Questions to ponder....
1. What actor/actress/ charactor autograph would you want to get if you had the chance?

2. If you could have a dinner/lunch with any Star Wars actor/actress/ charactor whom would it be?

3. What would you bring for the Star Wars actor/actress/ charactor to sign?

Well thats it for this week, and hey look I got it done by tonight! May the Force be with You always!


Blogger padme said...

Thanks for mentioning me, belda. I have missed you lots. Hope your hoildays went well. :)

6:36 PM  

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