Thursday, January 04, 2007

Grateful Tuesdays letter R

Grateful Tuesdays letter R!

R2D2 - I am grateful cuz he makes me laugh with all his beeps and whistles.

Rogues - I am grateful I belong to the Rogue force here where I live.

Rieekan - I am grateful for the way he helped out Princess Leia defeat the Empire.

Rebellion - I am grateful for the rebellion who stood up for what was right.

Rose Bowl Parade - I am grateful cuz I knew quite a few that marched in it this year with the 501st!

Roses - I am grateful for the way they look and smell.

Rumplestilskin - I am grateful for this tale cuz it teaches you to value what you have.

Rapenzille - I am grateful cuz this teaches you not to take whats not yours

Rain - I am grateful for the rain, that waters everything.

Root beer - I am grateful cuz when you put ice cream on it it floats.

Rice - I am grateful for all the different ways you can fix it.

Rutabega - I am grateful cuz this tastes good in stew.

Radish - I am grateful cuz this tastes good in salids

Relish - I am grateful cuz this tastes good on hotdogs

Rasberries - I am grateful for how you can eat them or put them into smoothies.

Roast beef - I am grateful for all the stuff you get with the roast beef dinner, yummy.

School News: I'm still on season break!

Other News: Alex and I are doing good. We watched the RoseBowl Parade this year, it had a Huge Star Wars thing going on. Including 2 floats, the 501st(some of which I know personally) from all over the globe, several costumes characters, a marching band dressed as Imperials, Darth Vader, my Friend Hawkie was a Tie Pilot. she was the only one who was short, and of coarse Mr George Lucas Himself was there as the Grand Marshal!

Shout Outs: Hello there Lurkers. Feel free to comment.... Hello there Anakin and Padme from Journey to the Dark Side. Miss you!

Three Star Wars Questions to ponder:
1. What was R2D2 saying all those times when C3PO wasnt around?

2. Did the Rebellion always exist?

3. Did Vader remember R2D2?


Blogger padme said...

Hi belda,
I miss you too!! It feels like a long time since we chatted. Your already on R. Wow. I still have to do my Q's. :) Great list!
I didn't see the rosebowl. Sounds interesting. Did you get anything star wars related for christmas??
I hope we can chat sometime...

9:57 AM  

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