Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long time no post

The whip looks so tempting doesn't it? In reality i have never been struck with a whip before... But am willing to try it out.

Where have i been?

Yes i know it's been forever since i last posted... i have been on hiatus due to personal obligations...

Yes i have been bad and need a serious spanking! So if there is Anyone out there whom wishes to spank this rebellious slave be my guest? i'll even bend over for You. my Husband is slowly getting into the lifestyle. He is learning to lead and become more Dominate. i want to one day be able to relinquish all authority to Him. Sometimes i am scared... i find myself sometimes being disobedient. i find it hard sometimes to give up my will to Him 100%. i am hoping to overcome this soon. i have witnessed His wrath, and do not like it at all. Where do i draw the line, i mean when do i say this isn't right but this is? i often spend many hrs thinking of how to improve so His family don't thing bad of me. They are angry because i don't have a job and am having hardships getting one. i go and apply for them only to get turned down and told that the positions i applied for have already been filled, or that i am not what They are looking for. such things have caused me to become depressed. well this is all i have for today...

Personal News:

i am currently looking for a job. my Husband and i will be moving to another part of town.

i just recently dyed my hair again to a red tone. A color He likes.

Star Wars News:

I hear there's a new Star Wars Movie/Cartoon/Show that will air/be released in the late Fall...

I also have heard rumors about that Mr Lucas has agreed to allow Star Wars 7, 8, & 9 to be done, dont know anything more than that...

Star Wars Questions:

1. Who shot who first Greedo or Han Solo?

2. Who was the original owner of Millium Falcon?

3. Who is the fool, the one leading or the one who is following the fool?